Tips on How to Prepare Your Child for School

Tips on How to Prepare Your Child for School

A child’s first year of school will be the most exciting and scariest thing for both the child and their parents. With the separation anxiety and nervousness lurking around, the best thing parents can do is to prepare them for what to expect.

Here are 13 Tips on how to prepare your child for school.


Kids are not the only ones anxious the first day of school. In fact, parents are often the first ones to cry at this memorable event. While this bittersweet emotion builds excitement and sadness, it’s a beautiful thing to enjoy. Here’s what you can do to prepare mentally:

Visit the School Together

Ask to take a tour of the place and the areas they will be staying. In fact, knowing where the bathroom is located is one of the most top concerns for children.

Meet the Staff

If possibly, try to visit on a scheduled day where everyone can meet the staff and the teachers. This will encourage your child that the classroom will be a welcome environment for them and to say hello. The teacher will usually introduce themselves and start up a conversation with the child. Be sure to ask questions about the school day and plans of what the child will be doing.

Read Starting School Books

Find out what the class will be reading and read a few every day during summer break. Plan fun and exciting activities to go with the story and use them as starting points for conversations.

Make a fun trip

Go on a special trip together to buy the uniform, supplies, and all the essential items for school. This can include a lunch box; shoes, coat, etc. make it a fun trip and individual without other little ones to distract the attention from them.


When you decide to purchase the uniform, make sure to go during the time when it’s not overcrowded. Also be sure to leave space as children tend to grow faster than usual during the starting month. If you can, buy a spare uniform set just in case there are any mishaps.


Yes, we mean everything. That includes the socks and underwear too. Everything your child brings to school should be labeled. Otherwise, they might not make it back home. Save yourself the hassle and name what’s needed.

Choose Items that they can put on themselves

Whenever possible, buy shoes and clothes that are easy to put on. This is especially important for younger children who may still be learning for to use buttons, zippers, buckles and end up crying every time they need to go to the bathroom.

Use the toilet

They must learn how to use the toilet as independently as possible. Of course, the staff will be there to help, but with so many kids in one class, they will need to learn how to become independent and do things for themselves.


While you don’t have to necessarily teach your child everything they must know and going to learn in school, provide an introduction to the subjects. Children will enjoy counting and reading something that has already become familiar with them. Sending a confident, happy and independent child to school will be the most favorable things a parent could do.

Read to them

If there’s one thing you could give your child, it would be the love of reading. Forgot the hyper activities and games and just read. Read a variety of books with stories and non-fiction. Read recipe books, comics, labels, anything you can get your hands on that attracts the little one. A child who is just starting school will enjoy reading books aloud as well as picture books.

Recognize their name

This step is important especially in preschool and kinder levels. Have them learn how to write their name and type it out. You can create games and even use an easel board for fun writing with chalk. Prepare them for learning how to write their names independently. There are so many ways to practice name writing without a single pencil. You can practice on play dough, magnets and more.

Talk to other children

Encourage them to play with other kids and talk. Teach them how to introduce themselves and ask for their names. One of the most common worries for children is that they don’t have any friends. We need to prepare them with the right skills to learn how to meet each other independently.

Got any other tips on how to prepare your child for their first day? Comment below and tell us what you think!

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